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How to choose the correct makeup for the Big Day?!

Dear Brides,

You've probably spent days/weeks/months searching for the perfect gown. The last thing you want to do is take away from the dress by clashing your beauty look with it. When thinking about your makeup, make sure it compliments your dress. A soft romantic gown, should be matched with beautiful soft makeup. A couture dress can be more dramatic - so think smokey eyes or a bold lip. A relaxed boho dress is going to suit a more dewy and glowing makeup. Considering your dress when choosing your makeup because it is so important for creating a cohesive look that works together.

Your venue is an important consideration as well for your makeup. Not only for the look - but also for the practicality. Your venue and how it will be decorated should inspire your look, much in the way that your dress would. The most important thing to consider is whether you'll be spending most of your time indoors or outdoors. You can wear your makeup slightly heavier indoors, as in the lighting may dull the color (specially flash from a camera) but heavy makeup outdoors will look cakey. I also suggests that if using an SPF, make sure it does not contain titanium as this makes your face appear white if a flash is used as well. Foundation should also have a smooth finish, one could prefer to use a flawless airbrush foundation. Fall / Winter season calls for a beautiful berry look, with soft eyes, lashes, softly blushed cheeks and a wine colour lip for indoors or a beautiful coral palette for beach weddings!

As much as I encourage fun and experimentation with your makeup - its important not to stray too far from your usual look. After all, you want to be sure that your future husband recognizes you on your big day! Try to keep trendy makeup looks for nights out; as your wedding is once in a lifetime and timeless! You want to look like the best version of yourself. Bridal makeup is usually natural, fresh and glowing. But in saying that if you like a bold lip - go for it, just tone your eyes down. Having a professional makeup artist can help you make sure it all works together on the day. If two people aren't on the same wavelength lots can be lost in translation! This is particularly true when trying to explain something visual. To make sure you get your point across as clearly as possible you should bring LOTS of pictures! I like my brides to come in with images of makeup looks they like along with what they wear normally, you can never have too many pictures. I use the images to discuss what they like and what they don’t like and from there I can figure out what is going to best enhance your features, with the look you'll want. I also ask about wedding details and asks to see their dress as I use this as a point of inspiration as well. As for what to wear... I ask my brides to wear a white top with buttons or zipper or easy to pull over their heads without effecting their finished look, as so they can see the color needed to compensate for the whiteness of their dress & not ruin it in for the day. Genius Right?!

Wedding Day Prepping:

  • Start having exfoliating and hydrating facials done at least 4 months before the wedding to prep your skin.

  • Don't go and have your first facial the week before! You never know how your skin will react.

  • Always use a tanner (spray tan tech) or brow specialist that you have been to before - Don't try someone new just before your wedding!

If you have any other questions please email me :)

Happy Wedding Day ,


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