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Behind the Name.... Love Your Haiir

I am always getting asked as to why I named my business Love Your Haiir. So I thought I'd take a moment to explain the meaning behind it. First of all why Love Your Haiir has two I's. Well that was an accident even tho I have come to love the originality of it. My first website that I had ever made only had one "i" in it and since the website I was using was a trial run it obviously had to expire at some point and then I couldn't renew it as it was. So that is when I added in the additional "i". Pretty funny I think and somehow it's just stuck with me. So why "Love your haiir" ? Well don't you love it when people walk up to you just to tell you that they " LOVE YOUR HAIIR!" C'mon who doesn't? It's like an instant confidence booster. But I don't just only want other people to love it, I want you to love it as well. It's just a bonus to have others notice it too. I had spent weeks on thinking what I should name my brand, my company & my future. I knew I just wanted all my customers and future customers to gain a really great experience, from the moment they walk in to the moment the leave and further on. Love stands for so much. Loving yourself coming first to mind. When a person loves the skin they are in; they glow. Hair has such a huge role in the way people see themselves and feel. I just want to be able to help in that department. From the trim you get or the wash and style you receive from me to having the pleasure of doing your hair for your big day and placing the veil in your hair. It is all so important to me that a little of my love goes with my clients and grows into so much more. There fore Love your Haiir company was born. Out of my love for doing hair and creating hair and loving my clients and sharing huge milestones and joyous moments with each one of you. I thank you and Love you all.

xoxo- B

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